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Submission Guidelines

Raspa Magazine publishes creative written work and visual art that narrates the queer Latinx experience. We do not focus on genre or form, but on artistic merit, innovativeness, and potential cultural impact. Raspa Magazine serves as a sustainable space for queer Latinx artist to share work without the fear of being tokenized, with liberty to experiment, and create work with the knowledge that it will be treated with dignity and respect. Our intent is to cultivate an environment that empowers art makers to push boundaries in their process, redefine the literary canon, and reshape art to be more representative and inclusive.

Raspa Magazine accepts submission from February 15 through August 15. We are looking for short fiction, poetry, dramatic works, visual art, creative non-fiction, or creative written work created by self identifying queer Latinxs. We do not accept works written by non self-identifying queer Latinx artists.

Poetry should be submitted in a single word document with each poem beginning on a new page. We usually select more than one piece per contributor so please submit a minimum of 3 pieces and no more that 8 pieces.

Short stories and creative non-fiction should reach a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 3,000 words.

We welcome all submission in either English or Spanish. Spanish language work will be translated into English. Works by self-identifying Latinxs who write in any language other than English or Spanish will need to submit a translation to appear with the original piece.

Visual art should consist of a minimum 5 high resolution JPEG, Photoshop, or TIFF files that are at least 2 megabytes and reach 300 DPI. When possible a link to an artist portfolio is preferred.

Raspa Magazine holds all first serial publishing rights, after publication all rights return to the artist. Reprinted work must have a footnote indicating what issue and year it first appeared in Raspa Magazine.

Raspa Magazine provides monetary compensation for all contributors. Compensation amount will depend the amount of funding accessible for the particular issue and will be discussed with the contributor if the work should be selected for print.

Please submit all submissions via email to with your last name and the word “submission” on the subject line. On the first page of your submission document please include your full name, a valid email address, and a brief bio. Submissions without the requested information will not be read.