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Issue No. 5 - Edición No. 5

Jamie Berrout is a Latina trans woman writer. She lives in deep South Texas and blogs at She has a book of poetry titled Postcard Poems; her first novel is Otros Valles; her books are available to trans women at no cost through her blog.  

Aleqs Garrigóz was born in Puerto Vallarta, México in 1986. He is the author of several poetry books including. La promesa de un poeta (2005), Los muchachos (2007), Páginas que caen (2008, 2013) y La risa de los imbéciles (2013).  He was granted the Premio de Literatura Adalberto Navarro Sánchez in 2005, and the Premio Espiral de Poesía in 2011 and 2012, granted by the Universidad de Guanajuato.  He has published poems in various print and electronic media through out Mexico and Latin America. His work is contained in a dozen anthologies.

Joe Jiménez is the author of The Possibilities of Mud (Kórima 2014).  Jiménez was the recipient of the 2012 Alfredo Cisneros del Moral Prize and holds an M.F.A in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles.  He lives in San Antonio and is a member of the Macondo Workshops. For more, visit

Christina Quintana is a Brooklyn-based writer with Cuban and Louisiana roots. Her plays have been developed and produced in New Orleans, Atlanta, and New York City, and her poetry has been featured in Emotive Fruition, downtown poetry readings by New York actors, and is forthcoming in First Class Lit. She was a Lambda Literary Foundation Emerging Voices Fellow in Fiction and holds an M.F.A. in Playwriting from Columbia University.

Carlos Pintado is a poet and author born in Cuba in 1974, he has a degree in English literature. He won the Paz Prize in Poetry from the National Poetry Series in 2014, for his book Nueve Monedas and the Poesía Sant Jordi International Prize in Spain in 2006 for his book Habitación a oscuras. He has published the books La Seducción del Minotauro (2000), Los bosques de Mortefontaine (2007), Habitación a oscuras (2007), Los Nombres de la noche (2008), El unicornio y otros poemas (2011), Cuaderno del falso amor impuro (2014) and Taubenschlag (2015). The South Beach Music Ensemble (a piano and strings quintet under the direction of the North American composer Pamela Marshall) premiered the Quinteto sobre los Poemas de Carlos Pintado in various states in the US. A selection of his poems under the name Rimas Tropicales had its world premiere in June 2011 by the San Francisco Girls Chorus in San Francisco and later in Cuba in Havana, Matanzas and Santa Clara, Cuba. His Ídolos del sueño was turned into a piece for soprano, clarinet, violin, cello and piano, and debuted in 2011 at the Kaufman Center in New York by the world-renowned group CONTINUUM.









John Pluecker is a writer, interpreter, translator and co-founder of the language justice and literary experimentation collaborative Antena. His texts have appeared in journals in the U.S. and Mexico, including The Volta, Mandorla, Aufgabe, eleven eleven, Third Text, Animal Shelter, HTMLGiant and Fence. He has translated numerous books from the Spanish, including Antígona González (Les Figues Press, Forthcoming), Tijuana Dreaming: Life and Art at the Global Border (Duke University Press, 2012). His most recent chapbook is Ioyaiene (Handmade for Fresh Arts Houston-based Community Supported Art Program, 2014). His book of poetry and image, Ford Over, is forthcoming in 2016 from Noemi Press.

Lawrence Schimel was born in New York and has lived in Madrid since 1999. He writes in both Spanish and English and has published over 100 books as author or anthologist, including the poetry collections Deleted Names and Desayuno en la Cama. He has won the Lambda Literary Award twice, for PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality and First Person Queer. He is also the publisher of the poetry press A Midsummer Night's Press. Recent poetry collections he has translated into English include: Titanic by Mario Heredia, The Drunkenness of God by Luis Armenta Malpica, Eyes Already Ruined by Luis Aguilar, and the forthcoming Bomarzo by Elsa Cross.

Sara Uribe is from Querétaro, Mexico but has lived in the border state of Tamaulipas since 1996. She has published six books: Lo que no imaginas, Palabras más palabras menos, Nunca quise detener el tiempo, Goliat, Antígona González y Siam. Her poems have appeared in periodicals and anthologies in Mexico, Peru, Spain, Canada and the United States